Frequently Asked Questions

Event Planning & Design, Event Decor & Rentals

What services do you offer?

At Events by Picnics in the City we offer the following services:

-Event Planning & Design (kids, celebrations, weddings & corporate).

-Event Decor

-Event Rentals

What is the difference between Event Planning & Event Decor?

Event Planning:
Our event planning service covers every detail needed to organize and coordinate your event. This includes the design of the event (overall view of the event’s theme, layout, and aesthetic details, ensuring everything aligns with your vision), selecting the perfect venue, getting vendors (like caterers and entertainers), managing schedules, creating ann event timeline, floor plan and handling all logistics. Our goal is to provide an experience where you don’t have to worry about any aspect of the event. We work closely with you every step of the way, ensuring that we make the most of your budget and that your event runs smoothly from start to finish.

After paying the planning fee, you will decide on an event budget, and we will find vendors that match your needs while staying as close as possible to your realistic budget.

Please Note Regarding the Planning Fee: Please keep in mind that the planning fee covers solely the service of managing your event. This fee does not include any decoration or other expenses.

Event Decoration:
Our event decoration service focuses exclusively on enhancing the visual appeal of your event space. This includes providing decorations such as backdrops, balloons, tables and chairs, specialty chairs, and other rentals. Please note that this service is dedicated solely to decor and does not include managing vendor relations or sourcing vendors.

Navigating Our Services:
To better understand what we offer, please visit the "Services" tab on our website. You'll find a dropdown menu detailing our services, which will help you decide whether you need just decoration or comprehensive event planning.

Can you stay at the event to coordinate and hire all the event vendors?

  • Day of the Event Coordinator services are available only in conjunction with Event Planning and Design. This ensures seamless coordination of your special day and comprehensive support throughout the planning process. Event Planning and Design services can be hired independently if desired.

If I’m only interested in event decor, is that something you offer?

Yes, we would be more than happy to decorate your next party.

How can I know what my event will look like?

Once you have paid the deposit or event planning fee, we will begin visualizing your event's design. Here’s how it works depending on the service you choose:

- For Decoration Services Only: If you have hired us solely for decoration, we will provide a mock-up for balloons and backdrops only. Please note that our responsibility is limited to these items, and we do not design other aspects of the party.

-For Full Event Planning Services: If you have engaged our full event planning services, your will receive a comprehensive design deck. This will include an overall view of the event’s theme, layout, and aesthetic details, ensuring everything aligns with your vision.

Do you offer rentals?

Delivery Options:

For your convenience, we offer delivery services. Please note that for delivery orders, there is a minimum requirement of $800, excluding tax and delivery fees.

Pick-Up Option:

You can also choose to pick up your rentals directly from our warehouse, located in ZIP code 77003. There is no minimum order required for pickups. A handling fee will be applied based on the total number of items in your order.

Do you offer balloon installations?

Yes, we can add balloons to your next event. Our balloons start at $45 per ft, minimum 15 ft.

How much is the delivery and installation fee?

The delivery and installation fees are calculated based on mileage and the items being delivered. Please note that certain items may incur additional delivery fees if they are sourced by third parties, from different warehouses or require special transportation arrangements.

When should I book?

Typically clients book 3-6 months in advance but we recommend to book as soon as you have the event’s date.

Do you have a minimum?

Yes, we have different minimums for our various services:

-Event Decoration: Our minimum for event decoration services starts at $1,500.
- Event Planning: For event planning services, the minimum budget is $6,000.
- Rentals: Our rentals have a minimum of $800 for deliveries. If you choose to pick up your rentals from our warehouse, there is no minimum order required, but a handling fee will apply depending on the amount of items.

These minimums help us ensure that we can provide the highest quality service and attention to each event.

What is the termination policy for your services?

Either party wishing to terminate the agreement must provide seventeen (17) days' written notice to the other party. However, please note that the deposit paid upon execution of the agreement is non-refundable but can be applied towards another event or a change of date. A design fee will apply if the event graphics need to be changed.

What happens if I need to cancel my event due to unforeseen circumstances?

If your event needs to be canceled due to a contingency or unforeseen circumstances, we will work with the vendors hired to provide credit for another event. However, if the cancellation occurs within five (5) days before the event or a similarly close timeframe, certain vendors may have already incurred expenses that cannot be recovered.